Wednesday, September 25, 2002

TNR in blog-form!

The New Republic's blog, &c., debuted on Monday, 9.23.02 at 12 noon. It took just three hours for &c. to log its first cock-up in a piece entitled "PAUL WOLFOWITZ, DUPE." &c. writes that Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz is a "dupe" because administration "hawks" use Wolfowitz to argue publicly for invading Iraq even though "the administration hasn't adopted Wolfowitz's goal at all (i.e., creating 'the first Arab democracy')."

But one day before &c. cried "dupe," national security adviser Condoleeza Rice gave an interview on the subject to the Financial Times that flatly contradicts &c.'s conclusion. Here's how FT summarized Rice's remarks:

"The US will be 'completely devoted' to the reconstruction
of Iraq as a unified, democratic state in the event of a
military strike that topples Saddam Hussein, said
Condoleezza Rice, US national security adviser."

Here's the FT article discussing the interview and here's the full transcript of the interview itself (FT subscription apparently required to access the transcript, but not the article).

No mention of Rice's remarks appears on &c.

&c. bills itself as "rapid-response, bite-sized commentary with the same critical voice and eye readers have come to expect from TNR." Is this the pre- or post-Stephen Glass TNR?